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When patients have their braces removed, they are no doubt eager to show off the results of their new smiles. However, braces are followed by the second phase of orthodontic treatment in which an orthodontic retainer must be worn. This appliance helps to prevent the teeth from succumbing to tension in the periodontal ligaments that can change tooth alignment. We have provided some information about wearing an orthodontic retainer to help you adjust to this new phase.

Retainers include a wire that circles around the teeth so that they can’t shift position, and they can be either fixed or removable. A removable retainer has a wire that circles around the front of the teeth, while the wire of a fixed retainer circles behind the teeth and the appliance cements to the mouth.

The period of time to wear a retainer can be anywhere from months to years to a lifetime, depending on the recommendation of Dr. Lindsey. We will provide thorough instructions to help you maintain proper use of your retainer so that your teeth don’t shift out of alignment.

It’s important to clean your retainer every day, and a removable appliance can be brushed every day with a soft-bristled toothbrush and specially formatted toothpaste, as well as soaked overnight in a special solution if you don’t need to wear it at bedtime. A fixed retainer can be treated like your natural teeth, with tooth brushing twice a day and flossing with a floss threader so that it’s easier to clean around the appliance.

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