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Your child’s smile is under a continual period of transition from birth through the teenage years, expanding as it alters its shape and structure. The elementary school years are a time for most children to replace baby teeth with their lifelong permanent teeth. Some children develop gapped teeth due to oral changes and require orthodontic treatment such as early braces.

When two teeth erupt incorrectly, they can result in large gaps, causing your child to have widely spaced teeth and a disrupted tooth alignment. While these gaps may close over the course of oral development, they often require the help of a orthodontist to prevent additional complications.

You are welcome to speak with Dr. Lindsey about gaps in your child’s smile and schedule an oral exam to determine if early orthodontic treatment is required. We can provide services such as braces to improve tooth alignment while your child’s smile can be easily changed. Periodic adjustments in the braces help them remain tight and effective so that the tooth gaps continue to close.

The second stage of treatment is performed with an orthodontic retainer that maintains the new positions of the teeth until they are stable. This prevents lingering periodontal ligament tension from disrupting the corrected alignment of your child’s smile.

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